You are the best hire I’ve ever had for social media ever.

Brooke Elder

Meet Brooke Elder, the owner of Social Tenacity, a consulting and training company specifically for content creators, business owners, and network marketers. Brooke and her team of trainers empower their clients to constantly learn, improve, and grow their businesses. They accomplish this goal through courses that are expertly designed by their team of social marketing gurus, authentic influences, and scaling coaches. Together they teach network marketers how to grow their business to 6 figures and beyond. 

Service Provided: Done For You Social Media Execution

Before Working With Mountain Cane Media

Brooke is the queen of online marketing but she was struggling with clarifying her social media strategy. She knows how to be creative and trains her clients every day to think outside the box, but when it came to her own social media strategy including content ideas and organic growth – she needed some support. 

Why Support Was Needed

Brooke had been experimenting with multiple sources of lead generation (as a marketing pro should) like highly expensive paid ad campaigns but was not seeing organic growth. She knew the answer was in expert social media guidance so she turned to Mountain Cane Media. 

After Mountain Cane Media Support

When Brooke and the Social Tenacity team signed on with Mountain Cane Media they got their time and energy back. Through creative repurposing of existing content paired with an effective new content strategy, Social Tenacity started to see the organic growth they were after. They didn’t have to stress about strategy, content ideas, or content that was off-brand. They entrusted Mountain Cane Media to handle it all with the professional and expert social media guidance that Mountain Cane Media’s brand is built on. 

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