3 Signs You Need a New Website

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Got website woes? Pages taking an eternity to load? Design look a little Y2K, or even older? Copy just blah, unexcited, lifeless, not engaging, and not converting? These are all common signs that you need a new website.

Trust us. We build websites for a living. 

From SEO to site health, to more conversions that sound like sales calls booked and e-commerce purchases made – there are a lot of reasons to upgrade your current website. 

Let’s talk about 3 of the biggest ones. 

Your Bounce Rate Is Through the Roof

If your pages take forever to load, your visitors will bounce, and the vast majority will never come back. It’s that straightforward and simple. That’s why increasing your page load speed is critical to your success online. Fast load times are also non-negotiable for SEO reasons. It’s risky that Google bots can index a page that takes over 5 seconds to load, which is more than most visitors will give you. And that’s not all. Faster load times can improve your conversions by as much as 25%! Your website is begging for change…

Your Conversions Are…Not Happening

So, you’re getting traffic to your site – that’s awesome! The next step is to get people to engage with your website by reading articles or downloading something. The ultimate goal is to turn visitors into conversions or leads by leading them to buy something or book a sales call. But what if the opposite is happening? It’s likely got a lot to do with your copy (the writing on your website). If your call to action is too complex, not concise enough, or just simply…blah, then your conversions will drop. Your design gets your visitor’s attention. Your copy takes it from there, leading them to and through a conversion.

You’re Not Mobile Friendly

Sure, your site works on desktops and laptops just fine. But what about phones? What about tablets? If your site doesn’t play nice with all of the most widely used devices on the planet, then you’re losing sales, traffic, conversions, and likely all three. Google is already penalizing websites that don’t work well for mobile queries, so it’s best to get on board with the increasingly mobile world.  

Ready to Make a Change? 

If any of this sounds like your website, then it might be time for a makeover. The websites we build are blazing fast, mobile-friendly, and they sell. We work with both small and large organizations to create custom websites and designs that do exactly what you need them to – convert. 

Money tight or don’t want to front the entire cost of your new website? We’ve got you covered! We offer rent-to-own websites (a first of its kind) that allow you to own your new website today and pay it off over the next 6 – 12 months. 

We can’t wait to see the look on your face when you get to be user 1 on your new, great-looking, high-functioning, mobile-friendly website. But we really can’t wait to hear your excitement when those calls get booked and those sales get made. Get in touch today and we will get your new website started. 

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