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If you own a business, there is no doubt that you are interested in optimizing your website to reach as many customers as possible. Maintaining a blog is a great way to do it, but there is a lot of content management that goes along with that. If you want to learn about a powerful project management tool that can help you streamline your process, read the 5 ways we think ClickUp can help you do just that.

ClickUP Will Keep Your Editorial Calendar Organized

Time is money, and when you’re running a successful business, you know that you are busy keeping the day-to-day operations moving smoothly. Using features like Task Templates can help keep your content organized, focused, and ready to deliver to your customers on a schedule. By using templates that organize your content, posts will be consistent and focused. 

Organize Your Stages of Production

Each company is different, but it’s a good idea to have a predictable schedule for your blog posts and keep a production timeline for anyone who contributes to your content. This will help you to streamline the process and make sure that each step is finished with as little confusion as possible. Setting up custom fields for each stage in the timeline is an efficient way to keep the stages of production flowing in an organized manner.

Consistency is Key

An organized, streamlined process is the most efficient way to maintain consistent online content for your customers. Using checklists will ensure that each post goes through the exact same production process each time, keeping your content consistent, fresh, and on brand. ClickUP’s checklist feature will improve your workflow to save time and help you deliver focused, dependable content to your customers.

Track Your Content

By using ClickUp’s tag feature, you will be able to categorize your content by topic so that you can easily track what you have already shared with customers and what content you would still like to create. This is a good way to focus your marketing and deliver curated content to help reach your company’s goals.

Organize Production Stages With Custom Fields

Organize publication of your content with custom fields. You can assign production stage dates, status in review production, and dates to publish your content. You can plan out your production schedule weeks in advance, and if a member of your team completes an assigned task early, the rest of the team will know it. For instance, if one of your in-precess posts is edited by a team member, they can mark it as such with a custom field, even if it isn’t scheduled to be published for a while.

Let Mountain Cane Media Help Market Your Company

Even with amazing organization tools like this, custom content production can take time and planning. Hiring a consulting firm like Mountain Cane Media can simplify many aspects of marketing your company. Let our experience, writing skills, and understanding of SEO integration into your targeted content help your business. Contact us today!

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