Mountain Cane Media

Mountain Cane Media is a boutique operations agency that harmoniously blends the worlds of art and systems. Hi, I’m Alexis, and I understand that successful initiatives require not only creative deliverables, but also reliable systems, processes, and automation tools to support those efforts.

What sets me apart is my balanced left-brain and right-brain approach. I blend creative, “right-brain” activities with logical, “left-brain” systems to offer a well-rounded operations and project management support service. This unique blend enables me to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to all aspects of my clients’ needs, streaming any chaos to calm operations.

This venture draws its unique from my husband’s hand carved walking stick.  I live in Roanoke, Virginia, where I enjoy the company of my husband, our three children, and two distinctively named chickens, Red Head and Zebra…

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Features and Investments

I'm committed to continual growth and excellence, regularly updating my expertise through certifications and advanced courses.


My Vision

Mountain Cane Media is dedicated to partnering with businesses and organizations that drive meaningful change, focusing on sustainability, environmental advocacy, racial equality, and broad social impact. My commitment extends beyond transactions; I seek to build enduring partnerships, enabling me to accomplish your goals with unmatched efficiency and effectiveness.

My Values

Trust and Autonomy

I value autonomy and trust, expecting you to respect my expertise and contribute to it.

Diversity and Inclusivity

I expect open-mindedness to diverse backgrounds, religions, and race- and inclusivity is essential.

Strategic Improvement

I prioritize consistent strategic improvement in all we do, everyday.

Operational Art

I believe business operations and marketing is, at its core, a system, science, and an art.

Ways To Work Together

Process & Systems Analysis

Process & Systems Analysis

Process and Systems Analysis service, providing tailored processes for one phase (awareness, activation, or expansion) alongside dynamic spreadsheet reviews of your current tech stack with actionable recommendations.

Strategy Call

Strategy Call

If you’ve already established your own processes, but I haven’t conducted an analysis of your business, a strategy call is your next step before any DFY tech implementation work.  This call is also a “get it done”, take action call for process or tech challenges. 

Tech Implementation

Tech Implementation

If you’ve completed a process and systems analysis, or we have had a strategy call, then you’re ready for tech implementation.