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120 Minute Zoom Connection

Jan 11, 2022

11am or 4pm EST

Get Visible Through Social

Most people have their content all over the place.
One day they talk about their business, then their kids, then their dog and I forget what they even do.

Do you know what I mean?

I’ve been there though… I remember the blank stare, sitting at my laptop with writer’s block not knowing what to talk about, and feeling like I had already drained all of my ideas.

I’m here to tell you there is an easier way! When your content is aligned with your mission and you are clear on who you are trying to reach, content creation is simple.

With this plug-and-play system for any niche or industry, you can consistently produce stress-free, high-quality content and stay organized! Keep reading if you’re ready for a content system and plan.

Save Time with Strategic Content

The old expression, Time is Money, is true. In the long run, creating a content framework means you will have the tools you need to market your business, event, or product RIGHT AWAY.  

Now what used to take weeks to complete can be done in only a few short hours and you’ve successfully created your content for the month.  

There’s more! You’ve now built a brand library to house every day ideas as you grow in your business.

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Introducing our 90 Minute Zoom Connection

Content Creation Connection


Learn how to use the repeatable and scaleable content creation workflow with the Trello, Asana, AirTable or ClickUp templates.


Define your content strategy aligned with your mission and FAQs about your business.


Research and articulate your offerings to answer any objections your audience may have.


Create a promotional calendar and testimonial system as traffic drivers to your offers.


Learn how to repurpose your content strategically and establish a posting frequency that makes sense for you.

Come Prepared To:

You Are Already Halfway There

During our 120 minute Zoom content creation connection, you are not starting from scratch, you’re already halfway there because I’m going to give you the exact resources I use to create content for my clients.
You’ll be able to move through your content creation with me by your side to support you with questions and action steps as you go! 
I’ll be explaining the strategies behind the templates and how to use them- so you don’t get stuck with the resources I’m giving you.

Take A Peek Inside:

Woman sitting at her desk and using smartwatch

The Content Creation Connection
is perfect for someone:

Connection Bonus!!!

After the session is over, you may still have questions, and I get that.
I’ll send you the replay of this LIVE session so you can go through the workshop at your own pace.
Plus, you’ll get access to me for 30 days through Voxer messages to ask questions as you finalize your content system.
You should have content on your social profiles for when your audience is ready to dive deeper into your offers. That takes clarity, strategy, and a plan.
Content creation doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or frustrating, so come connect with me to create content that connects with your clients together!
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Strategy That Works Everytime.

Hi, I’m Alexis and I’m paving the way for content repurposing to come to the forefront in the online space… #timesaver!!! I bring a wealth of expertise from the operations side of business, and I’m here to create a repeatable and scalable content plan system that is unique to you.
I’ve served 7 & 8 figure CEOs by creating and repurposing their content strategically into their social ecosystems (some who have been with me for years…which must mean I am doing something right).
You don’t have to spend hours creating content for the month.  Join the connection to get live training, systems, and support unique to your business as you create your content!
Alexis is amazing at what she does is an understatement. She really focuses on your goals as a person and as a business. When I was looking for a marketing manager for my business I really wanted to make sure whoever I picked that they embraced my brand and really enjoyed what they do. I LOVE THIS about Alexis! She helped me in ways that I didn't think I needed the help.
Clara Springer
Everlasting Success
I loved how you're very strategic and there are not very many people, well there are people out there that say on social media that they are strategic. But then when they get in your business they actually are not. So it's just seeing really how strategic you were and that you actually had a game plan and this is what you were going to do.
Brooke Elder
Social Tenacity
Consistency, time management and strategy, I needed all three of those. I lacked time management. I lack the time to do it and I knew handing over social media to somebody that does it for businesses to help them with their consistency and their strategy of showing up- and where to show up and with what- is definitely something that I really needed.
Carrie Severson
Unapologetic Voice House

Join the LIVE Workshop

Tuesday, January 11th
11am or 4pm EST

Choose the 120 minute Live Session that works best for you. 
The Replay will be sent to you after the connection time.

We expect open-mindedness to diverse backgrounds, religions, and race- and inclusivity is essential.
It is important that you embody these principles if you choose to participate.

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