Get Your Tech List Done

Here's How This Works

Your Monthly Tech Retainer

Queue Up Your Tasks

You will queue up your tasks in our “queue” and project portal. This portal serves as a central hub for communication, task submission, and progress tracking. It provides transparency and constant updates on your projects. We’ll get to tasks in the order they come in, focusing on one at a time to give each the attention it deserves.

One At A Time

Tasks are handled in the sequence they are received and are completed before moving on to the next. We are committed to finishing projects within an agreed upon timeframe once all required materials are provided. We'll track our hours as we work and update you every three (business) days on our progress.

Test & Review

You review the tasks and share your thoughts in these ways: through a Loom video, comments within our portal, directly on our in-progress documents, or by sending us a message. When the task is complete, we gear up for the next. It’s that simple.

Monthly Call

We'll connect monthly to talk your tech list and the task queue board.

Rush Request?

Have a rush request? Our rush fee of $150 moves you up on the queue amongst all of our clients and we’ll expedite your request to the top of the line.


Choose the cap of hours for your "Get Your Tech List Done" subscription:

15 hours of tech work: $700 per month
30 hours of tech work: $1200 per month

If you run out of hours, you can either purchase additional time or wait for your subscription to renew.

We require a 3 month minimum commitment so you can see the best results during our partnership.

What we can do for you!

To be a candidate for the “Get Your Tech List Done” package, we must have previously worked together in some sort of capacity, or you must first complete a $199 Strategy Call.

Current Client Examples

Most of our tech package clients typically complete around five small to medium tasks each month. Some clients may undertake one large project, like building a course infrastructure using Learndash and BuddyBoss, which spans several months. In this example, subsequent months have involved adding content, enhancing user experiences, or initiating marketing efforts for previously inputted content.

The value you derive from this package is proportional to your involvement. Effective execution of your requests requires clear communication of your vision and needs, ensuring we have all necessary materials to proceed.

This is for:

The Planner

The business owner who plans ahead to give us tasks with realistic turn around time expectations (don’t give us your email to schedule that needs to go out tomorrow–we are all for scheduling next week’s email).

The Strategist

The business owner who has a strategy. While we are here to talk through some of your visions and planning as we are operational experts with a strong foundation in marketing, this is an implementation service.

The Partner

The business owner looking to build a partnership will benefit from our consistent collaboration. Our team, familiar with your operations, can effectively implement changes and improve systems instead of merely auditing and correcting other contractors’ work.

The Messenger

The business owner comfortable with communicating through the task portal through messages and personalized video support will find this arrangement suitable.

Platforms we can help with:

Operational Excellence

Certified Director of Operations

Why Alexis?

Hi!  I’m Alexis.  I’ve worked in marketing agencies for years and my main role was to create processes and systems for my clients to execute on their marketing efforts.  I’ve seen first hand how without these sort of processes in place, not only do marketing efforts flounder, but client experience is sub-par… and no one wants that.  You’re excellent at what you do, let your business reflect that with awesome flows that WOW your clients.  Let’s get to work and make this easy for you, and for your clients!

Ways To Work Together

Process & Systems Analysis

Process & Systems Analysis

Process and Systems Analysis service, providing tailored processes for one phase (awareness, activation, or expansion) alongside dynamic spreadsheet reviews of your current tech stack with actionable recommendations.

Strategy Call

Strategy Call

If you’ve already established your own processes, but I haven’t conducted an analysis of your business, a strategy call is your next step before any DFY tech implementation work.  This call is also a “get it done”, take action call for process or tech challenges. 

Tech Implementation

Tech Implementation

If you’ve completed a process and systems analysis, or we have had a strategy call, then you’re ready for tech implementation. 

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