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Purposely Repurpose Your Podcast

April 14, 2022
12-1pm EST

Whether you have a podcast or if you are a featured guest, you put a lot of hard work into each episode and it’s important for you to share it far and wide so that you can reach a bigger audience. Now let’s take your audio file and learn how it can help boost your discoverability.  By taking advantage of other forms of content marketing, you can provide more value to your listeners and attract new ones!
Are you ready for this? If so – then carry on!

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Create a Video From Your Podcast

When it comes to podcasting, a common misconception that many people fall into is assuming that podcasting is strictly for audio. In reality, there’s no limit as to what you can do with a podcast. For example, you can take snapshots of things that you mention and create visual content snippets to share across various social networks or embed them on your own website. This type of content creation would help to enhance existing episodes and also give new listeners additional information about the topic of discussion.

Make Your Podcast into an Audiogram

Audiograms are like tasty snacks you can share on your social media channels or your website. Sharing an image is great, but sometimes they aren’t interesting enough to get people hooked into the actual thing that they mention. Audiograms, on the other hand, give people something to listen to right off the bat. This grabs their attention better and chances are high that a person will start listening to the entire podcast episode after hearing just one little clip.

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Turn Episdoes into Blog Posts

The written content of your podcast is something that many listeners can benefit from. As a tool for SEO, the written content lets you gain new followers online who are able to discover your dedicated website. If you attracted an audience with a really interesting topic on your latest episode, why not turn it into an article and let new readers (and listeners) find out about you who may otherwise miss out?

Create A Newsletter

Your followers have come to expect thought-provoking, engaging opinions and that is why they tune in to your podcast.  You should be trying to build your email list or have an in-depth communication strategy for connecting with listeners on a more personal level. You podcast topic can serve as the foundation for sending out weekly emails with news, tips and tricks and other interesting things you’ve learned along the way, it helps keep your audience engaged on a different level.

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Create a Live Show or Masterclass

Have you had the chance to do a live stream around one of your popular podcast topics? This is an opportunity for you to engage with your audience in an interactive way! Your followers could ask questions that would allow you to receive feedback that will further develop your offers and ideas.  Repurposing through this lens is a great opportunity for you to reach out and connect with individuals on a deeper level.

Repurposing will transform your business.
Let me show you how.

Repurposing can save you time, improve the efficiency of your organization, and even increase the volume of content available to consumers. Are you ready to systematically repurpose your podcast content? If so, join me at the live class where I will show you how reusing your content can be easy, fun and profitable!

  • Walk away with one repurposed podcast episode and my unique system to hand the process off to your VA.
  • Get the templates I have created so you aren’t starting from scratch!
  • Find out just how easy repurposing your content can be with this reusable, scalable system!

Hi. I'm Alexis.

Alexis is the CEO of Mountain Cane Media serving seven and eight figure CEOs by optimizing their systems and marketing logistics.

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The Masterclass will be Live on Zoom, April 14 at 12-1pm EST.

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