Are You The Marketing Expert
For Your Own Business?

Are You The Marketing Expert For Your Own Business?

You Grew A Viable Business But You Can't Scale.

Are you a Solo CEO unsure of where to go next in your business? Do you have a great product or service and know it would be transformative- if you could only get it in front of the right people. You’re mulling over and over about how to get your message noticed, and unsure of what to do next.

  • Social media seems so overwhelming- you don’t know what platform is the right one for you.
  • You wonder, how many times a day do I need to post- and what is the best time to do it? What do I post about anyway?
  • What’s a landing page or a lead magnet, and do I need one?
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The obstacles keep rising and you're tired.

I see you growing and scaling, still wearing all of the hats to get.everything.done.

As a business owner, every hour of your day counts. You shouldn’t be stuck pouring your heart into the actual work you do and worrying about the never-ending task list.

Instead, you should be focused on scaling your business and reaching more people in your audience.

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You've got the knowledge, but lack the accountability to transform your business and get VISIBLE.

You’ve taken the courses or purchased them with the intention to DIY your way to your passion projects.  How effective can that course really be if you are too busy working in your business to work on it?

What if there was a solution to

What If You Could Systematize Your Marketing Operations
AND Scale!?

No, this isn’t a fantasy.  You can identify the exact action steps you need to take in your business and prioritize those tasks to move your business forward.

  • Dive into competitor research and determine what you can do differently and better!
  • Determine what to offer people who aren’t quite ready for your high ticket offer.
  • Position your brand, content, and promotions with authority.
  • Solidify your workflows, processes, and revenue streams with certainty.
  • Take daily strategic action on your passion projects while serving in your business with excellence!

You Are Ready To Reach Your
Visibility Summit!

You’ve already got what it takes.  You already grew your business because you’ve got the stamina, talent, and expertise the world requested from you.  Now, let’s optimize your visibility and raise your revenue.

Join Us At

The Alpine Biz School

6 Weeks of Visibility

Increase your revenue and climb forward to your goals!

Join us in this 6 week program that will transform you as a business owner, accelerate your growth, and give you clarity on how to move forward.

The Alpine Biz School is designed to increase your revenue and push you towards your goals. You will have the visibility roadmap to keep showing up so your audience won’t forget who you are!

You’ll learn to strategically plan your business goals with your content strategy and show up online confidently.  I’ll be there alongside you the whole way, in addition to the other ambitious CEOs who are growing and scaling, just like you. 

What Makes The Alpine Biz School Unique:

Weekly Live Trainings and Recordings

Join us for a live training every week!  You’ll get real time feedback and answers to the questions you need to know.  Plus, each training is recorded and transcribed for your easy review.

Custom Strategies and Support

Get access to the workflows you need and learn effective strategies on how to best use each of them.  You’ll find you will optimize and utilize these over and over again!

A Community of other CEOs

There’s nothing like an empowering community who is right alongside the same journey you are experiencing.  Embrace these powerful CEOs, network, and build lifelong friendships.

Your questions answered

I always hear I'll get a return on my investment. How can I be sure?

This isn’t some DIY course.  This is a full fledge accountability program designed to amplify your business’s online presence and ultimately increase your revenue.  I’m invested in your success and am accessible during the course of the entire program.

What You Get From The Alpine Biz School


We have the PDF, templates, downloads, and cheat sheets that will speak your love language.

Workflows and Templates

Nothing I have created is out of reach. Every template and workflow that I use for my business is now yours.

Live Recordings

Each call is live, but we have easy access to each recording. Plus, we have transcribed each call so you can skim to a section you need to reference.

Personal Access to Me

I'm here to teach you and grant you full access to my brain when you need it. Reach out anytime.

Exclusive Community

Join other Alpine Biz School members inside a private networking app. Enjoy this safe space to chat, audio call, and grow together.

Strategy for Action!

We are not just learning together, we are DOING! When you take action, you see results.

Guest Industry Leaders

We have a network of industry leaders to make special appearances and share their knowledge with you!

Business woman typing on laptop

Content Creation Framework

Streamline Your Content Systems

Most people have their content all over the place. One day they talk about their business, then their kids, then their dog and I forget what they even do. 

Do you know what I mean?

Others may produce good content, but it takes them a full day to hash out a couple weeks of posts. I’ve been there. I remember the blank stare, sitting at my laptop with writer’s block. Not knowing what to talk about and feeling like I had already drained all of my ideas.

When your content is aligned with your mission and you are clear on who you are trying to reach, content creation is simple.

With this plug and play system for any niche or industry, you can consistently produce stress-free, high quality content and stay organized!

Invest In Yourself!

The Alpine Biz School Starts Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Join us now for this 6 week accountability program for a solid, efficient, and systematized content marketing plan!

The Alpine Biz School

Reach The Top Of Your Visibility Summit
$ 397 One Time
  • Consistent Online Presence
  • Brand Awareness
  • Systems & Operations
  • Confidence
Beta Price
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You're Not Convinced This Is For You?

The Alpine Biz School Structure

Live Trainings

Every week I will present to you the strategic systems that will allow you to restructure your business. You will learn the latest marketing trends, tips, and changes in the digital marketing world that matter to your business. You don’t want to miss these calls where I let you in on all of my secrets.


Now it’s time to start using the strategies and processes presented in the training and take notice of how they’re going to transform your marketing operations!

Mastermind Q&A

Have questions?  Need answers?  Get real time feedback based on the changes you are making in your biz, and suggestions on things you can optimize.

Get. It. Done!

It’s important to safe guard time to actually do what you learned over the month.  Use this time to work on your biz and get used to your new and improved way of doing things

Young woman is standing at viewpoint and looking beautiful mountain landscape. Hiking female tourist

Your business isn’t cookie-cutter. You have different problems than the CEO next to you. Even though this is a group program, you’ll receive customized support and feedback. We’ll work through your unique struggles and determine how we can find your breakthrough. 

Your Unique Climb

Your Biz Is Different. Tell Me Your Challenges.

Tell me where you are struggling.  What are all the things you face in your day to day visibility attempts?

I want to hear it all because this is our starting point for growth, and a great record of reflection of how far you’ve come after your Alpine Biz School success.

Let’s address the biggest issues you have in your business…Together.  

We deep dive into different themes to address your challenges and combat them so they become a thing of the past!

The Alpine Biz School Themes

Tackle Your Challenges With Strategic Action!

Financial Growth and Stability

Do you have a marketing budget? Can we optimize the software you are using to reduce operating expenses? Where can you find low cost visibility opportunities?

Marketing & Visibility

Have you nailed down your marketing strategy? Are you talking to your ideal avatar? We’ll discuss your strategies and how to get visible. Plus, I'll teach you how to create your full content calendar for the month in just a few hours!

Product Offers and Innovation

Whatever you sell, it is important to regularly audit your offerings. Having clarity in your offer will drive your marketing strategy and income. During this month, we will deep dive into your value ladder and the risk model for each of your services/offers.

Operations and Efficiency

A solid business grows from solid processes. I’ll give you my perfected systems and workflows that will increase your efficiency. With the perfect systems in place, your business will scale with ease as you increase your visibility (and your income).

Customer and Client Experience

You make the biggest impression in the first 24 hours of working together. How are your onboarding systems? Let's create a seamless and raving experience for your customers and improve client communication.

Personal Development

We’ll go over how to avoid burnout as a business owner and continue to improve and grow in a professional setting. Mindset is huge and a topic we will not leave uncovered.

Are You Ready To Reach The Visibility Summit?

Are you ready to get started?

Here's What I Need From You

Growth requires work. For this program to change your life, I need effort from you! Only you can implement the strategies I give you for scaling. I’ll give you the roadmap… it’s up to you to get into the driver’s seat and hit the gas pedal. 

You must promise me 10 hours to implement what I teach you during the six weeks, and trust that I have your best interest at heart.

It Is Time To Get Visible. Put Yourself First.

The Alpine Biz School Starts Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Join us now for this 6 week accountability program for a solid, efficient, and systematized content marketing plan!

The Alpine Biz School

Reach The Top Of Your Visibility Summit
$ 397 One Time
  • Consistent Online Presence
  • Brand Awareness
  • Systems & Operations
  • Confidence
Beta Price
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Your Alpine Biz School Visibility Results

Recognition and Brand Awareness

The View is Omniscient

Your core offer is your expertise.  It is what defines your business and you as an industry authority.  Uniquely position your value ladder leading to your core product or service, and let your audience experience what truly makes your business stand out in the market. 


Online Presence

Show up regularly and with a consistent message from platform to platform within your online ecosystem.

Brand Awareness

Become recognizable and someone that your audience won’t forget!

Systems and Operations

Work Smarter and NOT harder with automations, templates, processes, and the know how to implement your strategy.


Take on social media with confidence and enjoyment.  No longer will you dread your social media promotion.

Digital Marketing Education

Learn the online vocabulary such as landing pages, one time offers, order bumps, sequences and more.

Graphic Design

Learn about Canva and how to create brilliant designs even though you aren't a graphic designer.


Why blogs are crucial for your business and benefit your content strategy.

Lead Magnets

Create an opt-in to grow your email list that is aligned with your core offer


The best softwares to use for automations!

Social Selling

What is it and does it make sense for your business?

Referral Relationships

Optimize and scale with a referral community.

Hi. I'm Alexis.

We all have different backgrounds.

Me? I went from Art Teacher to CEO, Coach, & Strategic Director of Operations. I’ve been on that entrepreneurial roller coaster you’re on right now and I figured out how to turn the ups and downs into a straight shot to success. I want to help you do the same!

I started out in my career thinking that teaching was going to be the thing for me.  Yet little did I know the conventional school system was not what I thought it was going to be.

With a Masters in Art Education and student loans to prove it, I scurried to create my own art business teaching in nursing homes, paint parties, #allartthings.  

I learned business by doing and failing.  The learner of life in me went back to learn marketing when that fell in my lap to get my art workshops off the ground.  I refined, studied, and now I serve six and seven figure CEOs by optimizing their systems and marketing logistics.

I’m back to my true passion of teaching to make an impact in people lives, and hope you’ll join forces with me as you step into your super power as a business owner to take your business from good to great in front of your audience that matters most!


Deep Dive into your Questions...

We are not for teams.  This program is for the SOLO-preneur to rise and thrive!

Yes, we will not prerecord any calls so we can provide you with real time feedback and support.

Ask for the payment plan option.  We offer a lot of value and industry experience and would love for you not to miss this opportunity.

It’s great to have goals, but do you have an action plan to implement them?  Can you focus and prioritize these goals to achieve them?  With The Alpine Biz School’s help, we know you will reach your goals, and set new ones!

No worries!  Each call is recorded and transcribed.  We’ll have it available to you in our portal for your reference at any time.

No, sorry, it’s safer to travel in packs and this group has already started their summit climb together.  You’ll have to wait until the next adventure with The Alpine Biz School opens up.

Alexis' organizational system for social media management and content creation is so easy to use. I can know exactly where we are in each week's creation process from the convenience of my phone!
Janeen Kabbara​
Purposely Unique
Working with Alexis has been an incredibly satisfying experience. Alexis is dedicated to her craft, and devoted to learning new skills that will offer her clients the best service. As a digital marketer myself, I highly recommend Mountain Cane Media for website design and development, branding or social media management.
Melanie Diehl
Melanie & Co

Start Your Adventure with The Alpine Biz School

The Alpine Biz School Starts Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Join us now for this 6 week accountability program for a solid, efficient, and systematized content marketing plan!

The Alpine Biz School

Reach The Top Of Your Visibility Summit
$ 397 One Time
  • Consistent Online Presence
  • Brand Awareness
  • Systems & Operations
  • Confidence
Beta Price
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