Meet Michelle Fishering, the CEO and Founder of Maven Impact Consulting.

*Maven Impact Consulting has closed and Michelle is now the Founder and CEO at Chambre Bleue Boutique Publishing.

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Do you engage with people in your business on a daily basis?

My guess would be yes, yes you do.

Clients, customers, team members, vendors, suppliers, and contractors are all in your direct business ecosystem.

CEOs, stop and think about this perspective.

You can naturally create a positive impact for people and our planet while optimizing your relationships with all people that you interact with daily in your business.

I would argue you have a responsibility to consider what your impact is in their lives.

This is exactly why I have created the Beyond the Bottom Line program.

Get started January 25th in this small group experience where you will strategize, develop, and implement your aligned initiatives for creating value both inside and outside of your business.

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