Why you need the Facebook Pixel.

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Social media is an important part of your business’s equation and a necessity for driving people to your website. However, do you know what your potential clientele is doing on your website when they get there? The Facebook Pixel does.

This powerful tool tracks all activity on your site, regardless of the referral source. Your visitors do not need to be coming from Facebook for the pixel to track them and their actions. As the pixel data builds, an incredible resource grows collecting information about visitors and this knowledge can be used in your advertising strategy. Create better ads by showing your ads to the people who are most likely to take your desired action.

The pixel is a snippet of code that is placed on your website and will monitor the actions it is written to record. When implementing Facebook ad campaigns, you can target audiences based on current site users and audiences with similar interests for a wider reach. Additionally, you can specifically target groups based on actions already taken on your website or on any current Facebook post. Know if a user has scheduled an appointment, added a product to their cart, entered payment information but abandoned checkout, added an item to the wishlist, or viewed the content of a specific page. Even if you are not ready to begin advertising, start collecting data now.

You now know that the next time you see those sneakers you didn’t purchase show up on your news feed, that your data was pixeled and you have been retargeted with ads. How powerful would this be for your business? Think of all of those holiday shoppers visiting your website and the customer data you could acquire during this season. If you are not sure if the Facebook Pixel is on your website, send an email to [email protected] with the subject line “Pixel”. We will take the steps needed to make sure it is there.

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