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Ellen Yin, a new friend I have been connected to through my business mastermind invited me to speak on her podcast, Cubicle to CEO.  This was such an amazing opportunity to connect with my peers, as well as network with other entrepreneurs who tune into Ellen’s brilliantly successful show.  

As a former teacher who doesn’t get super psyched out about public speaking, I was nervous!  Why was it so different? I had to ask myself why was I so nervous? It was just a conversation about a facet of my business that I am knowledgeable in.  And yet, I had a pit in my stomach (which is a feeling I don’t have very often).

Fast forward to the time for the afternoon interview.  I plowed right through it. My voice felt shaky and my hands weren’t steady.  I did it, and I did it afraid. I felt relieved and proud all at the same time for doing something out of my comfort zone.

I’ve determined the idea of a podcast or video makes me more anxious than teaching social media workshops for example, because it’s recorded.  Because it is forever on the internet and can be replayed over, and over, and over, and over…. If someone wanted to. Because I think I would sound ridiculous and not love the sound of my own voice.

The verdict is in.  I listened to my part (only twice) and decided ah, I did okay.  I learned that I hope to be more conversational next time. I learned that what I think I will sound like to everyone else is not what I sound like at all.  I learned that I know my craft and provide value to my clients. And, I know that I will never stop learning.

If you care to listen, here you go.  This is just the first of these experiences for me.  Now, I’m ready for the next interview!

Listen to the episode here.

Don’t have time to listen in?  

Here’s what Ellen asked:  What essential steps must you have in place before you need to consider creating a website for your business?

Get my 5 essential steps needed for your website launch here.

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