Why knowing your target audience is key in content marketing

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The most important part of any content marketing strategy is knowing your target audience. This is the first step to any effective content marketing strategy. Without knowing your audience, you won’t know who you should target when it comes to creating content.Be it via blog or social media, your content is an extension of your sales team. When it comes to sales, the first step is figuring out who you are prospecting. A prospect is the target person that you believe is most likely to find your product or service useful. Your prospect should also be the key decision maker. You don’t want to sell to someone who won’t be signing off on the deal. As you do your research on your target audience, you will want to identify a few key aspects.

Who is the consumer? 

The first question you have to answer about your target audience is who is consuming your product or service. Is it a business or an individual? If it’s a business, you need to figure out what type of business. Are they primarily small businesses or does your product or service work better for large scale enterprises? What industries do these businesses operate in? If your consumers are individuals that are not making purchasing decisions based on business needs, then you will need to know the demographics of your prospects. How old are they? What is their primary income level? Do they live in cities, the suburbs, or rural areas?These questions will help to identify the types of content you need to make, and where to post your content. Try to be as specific as possible with your answers. 

Reach Them at Their Level

When you can answer the questions above, you can then answer the primary question – how does your product or service make your prospect’s life easier? How you answer this question will tell you what kind of content you need to create. It will also shed light on which content mediums will be most beneficial to your content strategy.Younger demographics tend to favor the social media channels that feature quick sound bits. They are more likely to use Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat.Older demographics tend to go for longer form content. They tend to read a little more than younger demographics. This means blog posts and informative posts on Facebook and LinkedIn is the best way to reach them.If your target audience is C-suite executives, then they are likely spending less time on social media. They are more likely to spend time in their email, or searching for potential solutions on the internet. This means you need to slide into their email inbox, rather than their social media messages. With some SEO research, you can also position your brand so it reaches them in their Google searches.

Create Tailored Content

Once you know your target audience, the next step is to create content that is tailored just for them. You will want to know what is important to them. What they care about. This will help you to know what the context of your content needs to be.For example, the members of Gen Z and younger members of the Millennial generation tend to keep up with the trending fads of social media. Be it some sort of challenge, or what’s trending in celebrity, or even political news. These trends tend to be short lived, but they go viral when they are relevant. If your target audience is part of this age demographic, then you need to create content that speaks to what is trending in the world today. 

Need Some Help?

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