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Fueled by its founding mission and values, your brand is one like no other. As your business continues to grow, it is important that you share your brand’s story with your audience, and those you didn’t even know were listening.Here’s why sharing your brand’s story matters, and how to go about sharing your story with your audience. 

Personal Vision

While it’s usually recommended that you keep your personal and professional lives separate, they usually bleed into each other at some point. This is especially true when it comes to entrepreneurs. While your brand is your professional life, you likely started your business because of who you are as a person.Your personal vision sparked the inspiration for your business, and the mission and values you chose to represent your business Your personal vision is half of the human factor that establishes credibility with your prospective clients. It welcomes your audience to get to know you, to trust you, and to like and appreciate what you brand has to offer. This is why your personal vision needs to be shared with your world.

Professional Vision

Your professional vision is the other half of your brand’s human factor. It is the operational mindset that works in tandem with your personal vision to achieve the mission and values of your business. It’s the suit and tie that covers up your artist smock you are using to mold your brand into something truly unique. It represents that which is not just important to you personally, but important to your business, and the clients you serve.Share your professional vision with your clients. Show them how your brand is making your community and the world a better place by fulfilling your professional mission and values everyday. Letting your audience know what your brand is about, beyond the personality of its founders, is how you establish credibility, and how you pull in your prospective clients by allowing them to get to know, like, and trust your professional self. 

Consistent Storytelling

As you tell your brand’s story, make sure that your messaging is consistent and on point. While it may take a few posts, you will eventually find and cultivate your brand’s voice. Channel this same voice and brand persona across all social media platforms, your blog, and videos. It’s also important to keep your visual aesthetics consistent as you tell your brand’s story. If you find success and enjoyment in the abstract, then keep your visuals on this same tune. Are you images human or wildlife-based? Choose the one that works best for you and stick with it. If humor fits well with your brand, then incorporate comedic images, memes, and gifs into your messaging. Like to get deep and introspective? Then keep your images along this profound line.When it comes to your video storytelling, find a theme song and let it define your content. This is a great branding strategy as every time your prospective clients hear that song they will immediately think of you. This will remind them of your brand, and eventually lead them into your inbox.

Need Some Storytelling Help?

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