After our calls I always feel like I can do this. I got this.

Cathy Abreu

Meet Cath Abreu R.N, CEO and Founder of Navita Health, a safety and patient care advocacy agency. As a registered nurse, Cathy saw the overwhelming obstacles that patients and their family’s face every day. Cathy and her team help their clients overcome obstacles like mitigating at-home and residential health care, and even just knowing what questions to ask at a doctor’s appointment. They provide their clients with a personal advocate who helps to ensure the optimal outcome is achieved. 

Service Provided: Strategic Consulting

Before Working With Mountain Cane Media

Cathy was experiencing her own sense of being overwhelmed when it came to marketing her business online. She recognized the obvious benefits of a social media presence but struggled to create the right content and strategy needed to be successful. As Cathy puts it – she was spending too much time working in her business to effectively work on it. 

Why Support Was Needed

A sense of being overwhelmed quickly leads to stress and Cathy had reached the stress point with her social media strategy. She needed to grow her business and get the word out about her patient advocacy services but didn’t have time or energy to do so. This business stress started to seep into her personal life and she financially reached a crossroads – either hire a strategist or burn out. This decision led her to Mountain Cane Media. 

After Mountain Cane Media Support

Cathy was in need of an expert social strategist to do what she didn’t have time to do – grow Navita Health’s online presence. She needed confidence and clear action steps that would lead to success. Mountain Cane Media was able to provide the support Cathy needed. As Navita Health’s online presence grew, so did their new customer acquisitions. This relieved Cathy’s stress that her business would grow organically and steadily, while also giving her more time, energy, motivation, and the revitalization of connections with business partners that she had let slip due to her high level of stress. 

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