It’s so interesting that when you have someone holding you accountable, things start to feel more strategic instead of like throwing spaghetti at the wall.
Not sure if it was the overload of information I had going on in my head or whether its UPcoach giving me a visual of the shit I need to get and hold together – but its working!
It’s a wild concept to me that having a guide with some accountability can make such a world of difference!
For some reason I always thought it was wrong to need accountability. Like, it made me feel bad that I can’t do this on my own. But I’m starting to believe it’s probably the best thing you can do for yourself and your goals. Taking note for my potential clients as well

Kaela Hargis

Kaela Hargis, the dynamic owner of Maverick Ops, is an entrepreneur dedicated to empowering business owners to find balance and freedom. Known for her strategic planning service, the Business Freedom Roadmap, Kaela guides overwhelmed coaches and service providers in streamlining their businesses, injecting ease back into their lives. Originating from a personal journey of burnout, Kaela discovered a “Secret Sauce” for a harmonious business-lifestyle blend. She offers entrepreneurs the keys to time management, strategic focus, and effective delegation. Her unique approach fosters clarity and direction, carving a path to success without compromising personal well-being. Kaela Hargis is not just an entrepreneur; she’s a beacon of hope for those caught in the crossfire between growth and life balance.

Service Provided: Marketing and Operations Growth Strategy, Consulting, and Implementation

Before Working With Mountain Cane Media

Before Alex came into my world I was really struggling with what to talk about on Social. I would come up with really random things to talk about and spend HOURS upon HOURS thinking about the topic. The ideas were few and far between and I had no idea how to start up conversations with other people online without being spammy. I was trying so many different things at the same time and had no focus or direction. I was absolutely paralyzed by all of the information out there about marketing & sales.

Describe business AFTER Alexis’s help

After I started working with her we had a clear plan set forth for the next 90 days on how I was going to grow my business. I was able to better structure my lead generation system in a more efficient & streamlined way. I am now more focused than I ever have been, having more & more conversations, and bursting with ideas and opportunities.

What would you tell people who are on the fence or unsure about working with her?

Alex not only guides you to create a clear marketing strategy that fits YOU, she’s also really great at helping you articulate & find your voice. If you’re looking for a growth plan paired with accountability and teamwork, she is the one to call! 

Take it one step further and have her take the tech mess off your hands and you’ll be in heaven! 
She knows her stuff in both Marketing & Operations and is an asset to any business wanting to grow with ease.

Alex helps you create space for your ideas to come alive & thrive.

Our Accomplishments Together

Based on our strategic roadmap and over a 90 day period, we were able to accomplish the following tasks together:

  • Refined messaging, determined brand colors, wrote website copy, and completed website for an online presence
  • Created a networking system completed with leads list of prospects, reached out to previous connections for opportunities
  • Stood firm on boundaries and reset mindset with a client who was not a good fit
  • Kicked imposter syndrome to the curb and posted networking requests which received 33 responses
  • Followed up with previous client who received Maverick Ops signature service for an amazing testimonial and was granted permission to use it
  • Joined a coffee chat group and utilized the networking board for follow ups
  • Created two lead magnets which were used and repurposed into a masterclass and interactive workshop all about delegation which attracts Maverick Ops ideal clients
  • Social media metrics and page growth have increased with consistent posting
  • Had several interviews for operations positions, created a system for completing applications and interview preparation
  • Created a paid masterclass which caught the attention of Renee Hribar and was asked to collaborate with her. She approached Kaela and they recorded a training for her community and mastermind
  • Repurposed the paid masterclass to an interactive workshop on delegation. The masterclass increased confidence and led to an upsell offer for a delegation strategy call that can also be sold individually
  • Created simpler version of masterclass to offer collaborators in their communities after connecting and scheduling opportunity through a coffee chat
  • Pitched CRM setup for local trademan who mentioned leaving several unpaid invoices open. Made loom videos for setup overview and sent to several business owners
  • Followed up with tradesman and closed the deal and simultaneously met monthly income goal
  • Consistently visible online with many ideas of how to promote offers. Visibility has increased confidence in the solutions Maverick Ops has for their clients
  • Recorded first guest podcast episode and confident about knowledge around area of expertise

Kaela says, “All of these wins felt like very distant goals that I was really struggling to put into an action plan – whether it was feedback from other people telling me not to invest or people telling me this or that or this is hard work and requires a lot of lead generation, etc. Maybe they were right but it was paralyzing me even more. Now I have experienced what really taking aligned action looks and feels like, and I am establishing myself as an expert and gaining a load of confidence!”

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