Why Passion in Your Business Matters

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Do you love what you do and what it brings to your life? Yeah? Well good! That love and appreciation for your work is the spark ignited by following your passion. Communicating your passion through your content marketing is key to connecting with your current and prospective clients as well as potential partners. 

Content marketing is a platform agnostic. Meaning, it’s important and effective regardless of whether it’s on one of your social media platforms or through your blog. That being said, how you write and what you write should cater to the specific platform where you are publishing your content.

For example, Linkedin and Facebook are both social media platforms but their audience, algorithms, and content purposes are different. Likewise for your own personal blog compared to blogging websites like Medium.

Let’s take a closer look at the different avenues you can take to share your passion via your content. 


LinkedIn is perhaps the most vital online resource for your business. While success on Linkedin is far from overnight, the platform boasts a bounty of opportunities for dedicated content creators both in terms of business followers and referrals. 

The Linkedin algorithm rewards those who share meaningful content consistently. The more purposeful content you post, the better your odds are for the right audience seeing and engaging with your content. It’s best to let your Linkedin content be guided by your genuine passion, be it exclusively the work you do, the industry you operate in, the lifestyle that your work affords you, or a combination of these three factors. 

Any Linkedin pro will tell you that you need to post meaningful content daily and you need to write content that sparks a conversation. Doing this will ultimately increase your content views and reactions which in turn will spur your exposure to the right audience. Keep in mind that your audience will be made up of both potential clients and those who know clients that could benefit from your services.

The ultimate goal on Linkedin is to create a brand that is top of mind when it comes to those who need your services or those who know someone who needs them. That could be today or two years from now, but you will get there by letting your passion speak for itself through your content.


Facebook content marketing is more transactional than LinkedIn. It’s more about promoting your services and building a following than building a network. Linkedin offers only minimal transactional opportunities where Facebook offers plentiful. Your followers can buy your products and services directly from you via your Facebook page.

Many small businesses use their company Facebook page as their website. While this isn’t the best strategy, it can serve its purpose if you put the work into actively promoting your business. Your passion will also play a vital role here by creating content that showcases your work while offering incentives for your followers to share your content.

Facebook is the most widely used social media platform in the world and creating passionate content here is the best way to build a following of passionate fans who genuinely want to share your products and services with others.


Beyond social media, blogging is the most organic and creative way to share your passion with the world. You should incorporate an active blog on your business website and it can be beneficial to publish your content on blogging platforms like Medium that have the potential for higher exposure. 

Medium pays you based on how many readers consume your content and how much they read. It can be a sustainable stream of revenue if you post in the right format which is typically shorter paragraphs on a slow drip method that entices the reader to continue reading down the page.

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