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Show Notes:

Alexis Perry is the owner and founder of Mountain Cane Media, who specialise in strategic business planning and digital marketing services. 

She lives in Roanoke Virginia with her husband, two children, and chickens, Red Head and Zebra. 

As a Muslim, Alexis doesn’t include photos of herself on her website, which goes against the expectation of how online businesses should promote themselves. Join us as Alexis shares how she figured out how to fit her business into her life, rather than the other way around. 

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The mission of Mountain Cane Media (04:17) 
  •  How she is doing business differently (06:55) 
  • The overlap of personal and business values (10:07) 
  • What keeps her awake at night (12:03) 
  • How her business gives back (14:31) 
  • The story behind the business name (16:09) 
  • How to take small steps forward (19:34) 

“When you learn a business’s mission or vision then you can take all the content that they have previously created and make a strategy to promote any current offers.”
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