Why Authentic Communication Matters

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How you communicate with others is critical to the success of your business, especially when you are the face with your name on the door. Communicating with authenticity in both your high-pressure sales presentations and discovery calls, as well as in your more casual business interactions like coffee connections and relaxed onboarding calls can lead to greater success and a happy culture. 

What is Authentic Communication?

Speaking from the heart is more than a kind felt sentiment, it’s how you communicate authentically. Authentic communication comes from tapping into your authentic self. This is who you are when no one else is watching. It’s how you communicate with your loved ones when there’s no pressure to achieve some goal. Communicating with your clients and prospects like they were your friends allows you to step outside of the fear that your ego feeds you and into authenticity. Authentic communication is about connecting deeply with your audience instead of just transactionally. It’s how you show genuine interest in your audience’s perspective in the present situation. This is the fastest way to win them over. 

The Benefits of Authentic Communication

Your authenticity will be picked up by your audience in high-pressure sales situations and put them at ease instead of in defense mode against whatever it is you are proposing since it will ultimately cost them money. Even if your proposal is solid, the talk of money can lead to stress and tension. Authentic communication is the best way to neutralize the stress of talking about finances and get your audience on your side.  Communicating authentically leads to a gold mine of results for your business interactions including:

  • More trusting relationships with your clients, prospects, and team members 
  • Greater buy-in and engagement from all stakeholders 
  • Tears down silos and isolators in your business
  • Increased collaboration from all parties involved
  • More relaxed and positive work atmosphere
  • Clear, open, and honest communication is encouraged
  • “We-centered” culture instead of “me-centric” 
  • Your internal communication style matches your external communication style.

The Happiness Factor 

Not only will your business prosper from relationships based on authenticity, but it will also create a happiness factor within your business. Happiness stems from a sense of being understood and a sense of belonging. When you communicate authentically, you are communicating to your audience that their opinion matters. You are communicating that they matter and this enables a feeling of validity. All of this creates a happier atmosphere for both your internal team and those that do business with you including your clients and your vendors. 

Want more proof? According to this study from prominent psychologist Sidney Jourard found that 85% of a person’s happiness comes from positive interactions with those in their life. Conversely, 85% of a person’s unhappiness stems from the inability to get along with others. This means that if you create a culture of authenticity and open, honest, and respectful communication, your business and everyone involved in it will be happier, more relaxed, and more successful. 

Need Help Communicating Authentically?

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