I was blown away at the level of detail in the work Alexis did for us. It was a thing of beauty! I would definitely recommend her.

Renèe Hughes, The Aromaspecialists

Renèe Hughes is the founder of The Aromaspecialists. Her programs include Holistic Champions  International School of Aromatherapy and The Mood Makeover Method, an emotional detox program.

Renèe is a Certified Professional Aromatherapist and Holistic Coach Mentor. She specializes in psycho-aromatherapy and teaching profitable practice-building techniques with live launches.

Holistic professionals come to Renee for either emotional release or to scale their holistic practice with heart-centered business-building techniques.

Service Provided: Content Repurposing Roadmap for In-House Execution

Before Working With Mountain Cane Media

Renèe is an expert at teaching holistic wellness, and she wanted to embody her passions and principles on her social media platforms. She and her team were looking for an intentional content strategy that would engage and promote their program, Holistic Champions, in addition to getting some of their time back.

Why Support Was Needed

Renèe has created an incredible program and spends her time serving her clients with excellence. She knew repurposing her content made sense because of the value she delivers with her program’s assets. She needed a customized and guided content repurposing strategy that would spell out exactly what she needed to post when and why.

After Mountain Cane Media Support

Mountain Cane Media was able to deliver a thorough content marketing strategy with the right balance of education, authority, and promotion for the Holistic Champions launch. Renèe’s team was able to embellish each post according to their internal promotional calendar and align other marketing campaigns such as emails and Facebook lives to the content strategy. This provided them with an effective and congruent content marketing system they desired for their social ecosystem.

I think you just did a beautiful job pulling out the heart of what I was saying.

Renèe Hughes, The Aromaspecialists

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