This content is so comprehensive and is totally something I would write for myself if I had the time or desire to do so. I plan to use this content in my newsletter, on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Some topics I will expand on in blog posts. This has been an incredibly valuable service for me!

Meagan Beltekoglu

Meagan Beltekoglu is a Certified Director of Operations and Vetted ClickUp Consultant with a knack for organization, creating processes, and simplifying systems. As a homeschooling mom of three, systems rule her life.

Meagan offers strategic and customized consulting, setup, training, and maintenance programs for business owners who are ready to translate vision into projects that thrive and have more freedom and less fires. She also offers courses and workshops.

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Service Provided: Content Repurposing Roadmap for In-House Execution

Before Working With Mountain Cane Media

Meagan is the queen of ClickUp setups and automation but she was struggling to get visible on her social media profiles consistently. While she had set up automation to repurpose her blogs to social, she needed support creating content to promote her new service offering and engage with her audience.

Why Support Was Needed

Meagan felt that creating content was a headache and she wasn’t sure what to focus on within her content strategy so she continued to put it off. Whenever she thought about creating social media content, it never felt like the best use of her time so she turned to Mountain Cane Media for support.

After Mountain Cane Media Support

When Meagan signed on with Mountain Cane Media they got their time and energy back. Through creative repurposing of existing content paired with an effective new content strategy, Meagan and her team were able to create graphics and schedule content a quarter ahead! They were thrilled they did not need to stress about strategy and impressed with the repurposing of assets that keeps their narrative on brand.

It took me 1.5 hours to review and edit content for the entire next quarter! I love how this is delivered to me in my project management tool so I can make small tweaks and assign the next steps to my VA.

Meagan Beltekoglu

People are an important process for the growth of your business, and setting up your ClickUp system as a team central structure is a must.

Most likely you will outsource some facet of your business, and you need to be able to do that safely and with ease.

Let’s take a look at this example.

As part of your visibility strategy, you would like to make guest appearances on reputable podcasts.

To apply, you must fill out their application, submit your bio, headshot, freebie links and more.

This is the perfect opportunity to outsource this task to a VA because most often the application process will require the same assets- i.e. it’s repetitive.

Your VA can access a specific podcast application system where they can easily grab the assets they need from one location. What’s even better…you can share this system securely so your team member can access this space and nothing else!

By having a central space in ClickUp that your team can access, you can outsource areas where you would like support easily.

Set your ClickUp workspace up for strategic growth with a team.

Learn more about the All In One Clickup Setup here–>

I’m a pretty personal person.

You may have noticed that I don’t share often on social media and am just now posting more about my business.

In fact, my business growth has come directly from networking and referrals as I thrive on authentic connections with my peers.

Today, I’m getting personal and sharing with you more about how my love for systems really stemmed and evolved from my everyday life.

My first daughter was premature and spent some time in the NICU.

At the time I was also caring for my grandmother.

Needless to say, it was a stressful time in my life trying to balance hospital visits to and from my grandmother’s house.

I had to have systems in my life just to survive.

I was constantly looking for the best way to use my time because my time was so limited.

Because of my systems, I was able to get through this stressful time in my life.

I know how systems supported me personally, and now I thrive on supporting CEOs with this game-changing structure within their business.

Tell me, do you have a system that saves you time and energy every day?

Do you know where your leads come from?

Perhaps they are referrals, from your networking groups, or primarily from a specific social platform.

Do you know the industries of the clients that you close?

Do you know the main services clients inquire about compared to the services that you actually sell?

Did you know that you can track all of this data and more inside ClickUp, and present it in a beautiful dashboard that gives you this information at a quick glance?

In my blog, “How I Use ClickUp Dashboards To Make Data-Based Decisions” I walk you through step by step several options for creating a lead tracking dashboard for your service-based business.

I can’t wait to see your lead tracking dashboards!

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