Get Your Tech List Done

CRM or PM Creation

In our Get Your Tech List Done Package, we offer setups for project management tools or CRMs tailored for small teams or solopreneurs. 

This approach involves analyzing client business processes and implementing these into the chosen software to streamline operations, often automating tasks like emails, lead management, and to-do lists. 

The implementation spans six to eight weeks, with an additional month for tweaks and training. We manage tasks via a service portal, collaborating closely with clients to enhance efficiency and create a system that is simple to use.

Investment: $2400

This is a 3 month commitment, billed at $800/monthly.

Operational Excellence

Certified Director of Operations

Why Alexis?

Alexis is an expert in merging technology with creativity, specializing in custom automation workflows and CRM systems for small teams and solopreneurs. With a background in marketing agencies, she excels in creating efficient processes and systems that enhance operational efficiency and client experiences. Her tailored approach ensures businesses can streamline their operations, automate tasks, and impress their clients with seamless workflows.