Your Kind Words

So you were asked for a testimonial, huh? Did you feel a wave of panic, not sure what to say, what format to use, or where to post?  Worry no longer – use these tips for a stellar testimonial every time!

Canva - Four Brown Leaves
Canva - Two Flies on White Daisy Flowers
Canva - Two Flies on White Daisy Flowers
Canva - Four Brown Leaves

Need some ideas?

Answer any of these questions

  • What made you hire me in the first place?
  • What problem did you need assistance with?
  • How did I resolve your problem?
  • What specific results did you experience as a result of my work?
  • How was my solution to your problem distinctive or unique?
  • What qualities about my work did you particularly like?
  • Would you like to comment about my character and work ethic?
  • Would you recommend me to someone else?  Why?
  • In one sentence, how would you summarize your experience with me?

Awesome Client Testimonials


Quality over quantity:

A few sentences is plenty – don’t feel like you have to write a letter!

Talk about the specific results we achieved or the problem we solved for you:

If you can show positive ROI like revenue/leads generated, conversion rate, cost per lead, time saved, etc., that makes for a powerful testament to our work!

Describe the before-during-after of working with us:

Stories sell. Share a problem you experienced, how we solved it, and what a difference it made in your business

Consider posting on our LinkedIn profile or Facebook business page:

Posting directly to LinkedIn or Facebook from your own profile can be very powerful, as it demonstrates the authenticity of your recommendation or review. Ask us if we have a preferred platform or format.  You can copy and paste your review here to our socials!

Not comfortable on video?

Video testimonials are the most versatile, as they can be repurposed in multiple ways. But submit your testimonial in whatever format is most comfortable for you – we are grateful no matter what!

Video submissions can be sent to [email protected]

Indicate how you want to be identified (name, position, company):

Even if you think it’s obvious, include the specific format in which you’d like your name, title, and company displayed on our website.

Provide a Logo:

If you have a particular logo you would like us to use on our website, provide it!

Logos can be emailed to [email protected]