Process & Systems Analysis

Enhancing Client Interactions with Custom Process Solutions

Ready to optimize your sales cycle and client experience? 
Work with me to during a 1:1 process mapping and systems analysis to enhance every client touchpoint, from first awareness to lasting loyalty. 

Here's What's Included

Process & System Analysis

Process Mapping

Transform your ideas into clear, streamlined, and replicable processes, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey for both your team and clients.

Priorities, Desires, & Bottlenecks

I've created a dynamic spreadsheet that reviews your bottlenecks, desires, and then defines your process and tech stack priorities.

Software Recommendations

From your process mapping session and our dynamic spreadsheet, I will recommend selected software, giving you a feature comparison of our top recommendations.

Implementation Quote

While I've set you up with the foundation to DIY your newly defined processes, I'll give you an implementation proposal to complete the tech workflows and setup for you.


You'll walk away with processes created for one phase (awareness, activation, or expansion), plus my dynamic spreadsheet reviewing your current tech stack with recommendations for your business.

Curious about which processes could be created, optimized, or streamlined in your business? Explore how these fit into three key parts of your client’s journey: the awareness phase at the top of your funnel, the activation phase when your client is ready to engage, and the expansion phase where you manage ongoing work and collaboration.

Awareness Phase Examples

Marketing Processes

Activation Phase Example


Expansion Phase Example

Client/Team Collaboration


Creation for processes in one phase (awareness, activation, or expansion)*, plus my dynamic spreadsheet reviewing your current tech stack with recommendations for your business for only $1297.

*Processes for creation must be for already established services

Why Alexis?

Hi!  I’m Alexis.  I’ve worked in marketing agencies for years and my main role was to create processes and systems for my clients to execute on their marketing efforts.  I’ve seen first hand how without these sort of processes in place, not only do marketing efforts flounder, but client experience is sub-par… and no one wants that.  You’re excellent at what you do, let your business reflect that with awesome flows that WOW your clients.  Let’s get to work and make this easy for you, and for your clients!

Ways To Work Together

Process & Systems Analysis

Process & Systems Analysis

Process and Systems Analysis service, providing tailored processes for one phase (awareness, activation, or expansion) alongside dynamic spreadsheet reviews of your current tech stack with actionable recommendations.

You Are Here

Strategy Call

Strategy Call

If you’ve already established your own processes, but I haven’t conducted an analysis of your business, a strategy call is your next step before any DFY tech implementation work.  This call is also a “get it done”, take action call for process or tech challenges. 

Tech Implementation

Tech Implementation

If you’ve completed a process and systems analysis, or we have had a strategy call, then you’re ready for tech implementation.