if your social posts were


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Imagine your social platforms are consistently Full with strategic posts that tell your story.

Imagine saving money by optimizing organic traffic.
In a pay-to-play social world, you can save yourself ad spend, knowing that someone is going to double-check your feed in these days of internet sleuthing.
You can now focus on building relationshipsthe relationships that drive sales.
And as you are making those connections and networking, your content is the constant– verifying what you said is true while they make their decision to partner with you.
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Introducing The

Purposeful Content



A mission-based content
blueprint and strategy

I want you to stop making things.

Just stop. I see you and you have created amazing things. You have done enough.
It’s time to repurpose.

Repurposing Your Content Means:

Your content strategy is the only remaining obstacle before you can hit the
and take off!
With the Purposeful Content Repurposing System, there is no wondering what to post on your platforms daily.  It’s taken care of with a customized guided experience unique to your business and in your brand’s voice.
Why?? Because it is content that already comes from you- just with new life for your new offers!

So who’s the


behind this


Hi, I'm Alexis and I'm paving the way for content repurposing to come to the forefront in the online space... #timesaver!!!

I bring a wealth of expertise from the operations side of business, and I’m here to create a repeatable and scalable content plan system that is unique to you.
I’ve served 7-8 figure CEOs by creating and repurposing their content strategically into their social ecosystems (some who have been with me for years…which must mean I am doing something right).
If you are a visionary, anything and everything you have created can be used to strategically promote your brand, so let’s purposely repurpose and drive traffic to your current offers together!

Bottom line...

…this is the roadmap I’ve used to create a unique content bank, searchable and intentional for any promotion, and multiplying your original content endless times over. 

I can’t wait to see these tools, insights, and strategies transform your business.


But Don't just take my word for it...Hear From My Happy Clients

Alexis is amazing at what she does is an understatement. She really focuses on your goals as a person and as a business. When I was looking for a marketing manager for my business I really wanted to make sure whoever I picked that they embraced my brand and really enjoyed what they do. I LOVE THIS about Alexis! She helped me in ways that I didn't think I needed the help.
Clara Springer
Everlasting Success
I loved how you're very strategic and there are not very many people, well there are people out there that say on social media that they are strategic. But then when they get in your business they actually are not. So it's just seeing really how strategic you were and that you actually had a game plan and this is what you were going to do.
Brooke Elder
Social Tenacity
Consistency, time management and strategy, I needed all three of those. I lacked time management. I lack the time to do it and I knew handing over social media to somebody that does it for businesses to help them with their consistency and their strategy of showing up- and where to show up and with what- is definitely something that I really needed.
Carrie Severson
Unapologetic Voice House


If you want to take a backseat to your marketing efforts, This Isn't for You.


Your Assets, Customized and

strategically Multiplied

This is a customized content guide- a framework that prioritizes and repurposes your content for your current offers.

Use What You Love

And I will create your deliverables right within your project management system!  





use what I've got

to get what you want

Purposeful Content Repurposing keeps your content aligned with your mission with expert guidance, all while removing content execution off of your plate.  
This is strategy and implementation, filling your social ecosystem with intentional posts.  There is no guessing what to post when and where.  There are no gaps in your visibility.
This is purposeful.

SKIPPED to the bottom?

Here's what you need to know

60-Piece Content Strategy

  • We’ll help you:

    Organize and Repurpose Content: We’ll create a searchable content bank from your past assets, providing endless repurposing opportunities. This smart move will save you time and optimize your existing intellectual capital.

    Craft a 3-Month Content Strategy: Based on your sales goals, we’ll develop a content plan tailored to your visibility and product/service targets.

    Provide You Ready-to-Use Content Materials: Expect expertly written captions, 24 customizable graphic templates for your brand, posting instructions, and a customized hashtag strategy.

    Offer a Detailed Guide: We’ll provide a comprehensive guide with proven methods for scheduling and engagement, alongside hashtag strategies.

    Delivered in Your Preferred Project Management System: Receive your well-structured content strategy in a platform you’re comfortable with, whether it’s ClickUp, Asana, Trello, or AirTable.

    This package does not include revision rounds, scheduling, analytics, or engagement.

    With this package, you’ll have 60 pieces of content, designed for five posts per week over 12 weeks for your Instagram grid. However, you have the flexibility to schedule them as per your needs. This package is all about maximizing your content’s impact while minimizing your time investment.

Alexis at Mountain Cane Media is an amazing gem. She mapped out an amazing strategy that is building our brand. She is extremely organized, detailed oriented, and efficient. Simply put, she makes Social Media Marketing an invaluable artform. The True North Consulting highly recommends!
Randy & Hilary Laxson
The True North Consulting
I felt like when I've done promotions in the past, I've just literally posted and reposted either a picture or a similar picture of the event and feel like I can only describe it so many ways. Whereas this has been like here, this is stuff that I do. This is stuff I talk about, by the way, if this resonates with you, I'm also running a program that's starting this day. I like that it's more subtle and it's more intentional
Kristin Schmoke
Kristin Schmoke Coaching