Simplified Tech Stack Workshop

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Struggling with tech overwhelm in your online business? A tech audit can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and enable scalable growth.

Boost Efficiency and Reduce Costs with a Tech Audit

This strategic move can lead to significant cost savings, improved profitability, and the agility to adapt to changing demands, ensuring your technology infrastructure scales with your business.


Are you a podcast host not utilizing your software to it's fullest extent?

Does your software integrate to your WordPress site, allowing you to seamlessly upload all episodes as blogs, furthering your reach and improving your SEO? Perhaps your software can do this? Do you even know?


Paying for multiple funnel softwares and course platforms that all do the same thing?

FG Funnels, Kajabi, Thrivecart +Learn, among others, are great but often overlap in features. If you're paying for multiple 'all-in-one' software, you likely don't need them all.


Do you know what you are paying for or why you are paying for it?

Often, expenses accumulate without aligning with your business goals. It's vital to assess if each tool's cost is truly justified by the value it adds to your operations.

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Get Clarity and Control Over Your Tech

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Hi. I'm Alexis.

I understand the frustration of navigating a complex tech stack in the early stages of an online business, having spent hours on research and money on ill-fitting tools. I’ve seen many owners overspend on misaligned tech based on trends or recommendations, in any stage of business. My mission is to offer personalized, goal-aligned tech recommendations to change this.

This is for you:

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A tech audit is a comprehensive review of your technology tools and systems. It helps identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, and streamline operations, making your business more agile and adaptable.

This is a LIVE Get It Done Workshop.  But, there is some pre-work that you need to complete before you show up for the experience.  The cost also includes a 20 min call with me after the workshop to discuss your individual business and results.

December 19th at 11am ET.  The cost is $97.  The cost includes pre-work, the live workshop get-it-done session, a 20 min follow up call with me, and a replay of the workshop recording.

Absolutely! The workshop is designed to provide clear, actionable advice tailored to your level of tech expertise, ensuring you can confidently make and implement decisions.

Yes, one of the key outcomes is to guide you in selecting tech tools that align with your business goals and operational needs, avoiding unnecessary expenses on unsuitable technology.

Definitely. By identifying unnecessary or underperforming tech tools, you can cut costs and invest more wisely in technology that drives your business forward.

The audit can help you understand how to best utilize your existing investments and make informed decisions about any future tech purchases.

Yes, we offer follow-up support to assist with implementing audit recommendations and addressing any subsequent questions or challenges.

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Expert Guidance for Tech-Confused Entrepreneurs

Say Goodbye to Tech Overwhelm

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Join our interactive workshop where we guide you step-by-step through your tech stack audit. Walk away with a comprehensive list of actions and decisions to streamline and optimize your technology infrastructure.