Budget Friendly

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is a critical part of doing business online and is something that all businesses – large or small – should take seriously. Your website is a worldwide window into your business and first impressions matter! A well-maintained website helps you attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new information, products and services to the public in a timely manner. Not to mention, website maintenance also helps to preserve the value of your website over time. So if you want to keep your business running smoothly, make sure website maintenance is part of your regular routine!


$ 35
Per Month
  • Monthly Full Backups
  • Core WordPress Updates
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Security Check
  • Update Report


$ 77
Per Month
  • Everything in Basic
  • Daily Full Backups
  • Plugin Updates
  • Link Monitor
  • Performance Check


$ 139
Per Month
  • Everything in Basic & Standard
  • 1 Hour Content Amendments*

Maintenance Plan

Features Explained


Incremental & reliable backups to Amazon S3 cloud storage.  Monthly or Daily Backups available.

Core WordPress Updates

Updates to the newest version of WordPress as it is available, ensuring you have the latest security fix.

Uptime Monitor

Every minute the system will check your website.  If it’s down, we will get a notification that something is awry.  

Security Check

Web-based monitoring and malware scan of your site with Sucuri Security Check.

Plugin Updates

Increase security and patch vulnerabilities by updating your plugins.

Performance Check

Get insight into how your site is performing. It’s the first step to solving your problems.

Link Monitor

Broken links are bad for customer experience.  Find them with this checker.

1 Hour Content Amendment

Great for photo updates, blogs or news article additions, contact forms, copy/services updates, and more!

Update Report

Receive a monthly overview of changes executed as a part of your maintenance package.