Goals are just dreams with a deadline.

Napoleon Hill

Don’t just dream about success, strategize for it with a comprehensive growth strategy and business plan.

Paint the picture of what’s possible

Is This You?

The Uncertain CEO

Your entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset set you apart, but it can be tough to make informed decisions with so many potential consequences. Navigating the fast-paced business world can be challenging with so many options and suggestions. 

You keep changing your offer and consequently, your marketing, because you don’t think you are gaining any traction, leading to frustration and a tendency to constantly pivot your strategies.
You’ve put in so much hard work and dedication, and now it feels like progress has come to a standstill. You are overwhelmed, burnout, and can’t breakthrough to the next level.
You are wearing all the hats to get everything done, need something here…..that ties into uncertainty

Is This You?

You are not afraid to take risks and are always looking for ways to turn your ideas into reality. However, you didn’t consider how much time, money and resources it’ll take to make it happen, and whether it’ll actually benefit your business before you commit to taking action
You are a quick start and your entrepreneurial passion drives you to action immediately. Did you ask yourself if your idea aligns with your business goals and what steps you will have to take to make it happen?
You are an innovator, but is your vision short-sighted? Is your idea scalable and sustainable for long term success in your business, or are there potential consequences that you have yet to consider? You need to be clear on your big picture vision so you can continue to be viable and profitable over a long period of time.

The Idea-Juggler

You have a unique talent for thinking differently and generating new ideas that always seem to hit the mark.  However, this could lead to taking on too much, spreading yourself thin, and committing to ideas that are not in alignment with your long term objective.

Where Uncertainty Meets Too Many Ideas​

The Growth Strategy Intensive


I want to grow my email list with dream clients

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I want to scale my business and unlock more freedom

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Discuss and Plan

One 120 min call to discover and discuss seven key objectives in your business.


We will create the exact definition of your growth terms and conditions.


Together, we will boil down your big visions to a bite sized, actionable, step by step process.


Next, we will identify your priority projects needed to grow your business and develop a strategic plan to get you there.


You will receive clarity and strategic guidance via a 3 month roadmap to keep you and your team on the right path.


Something about a marketing upsell here?

It may seem obvious, but setting clear goals is extremely important for business success. The faster you make decisions and act on them, the sooner you can achieve results that directly correlate to your business objectives.

The 90-day rule of marketing is the idea that whatever you do leads to an outcome of some sort – good or bad – in three months’ time. By setting clear goals now that have a direct relationship between your business objectives and achievement deadlines, your 90-day strategy will help you prioritize tasks and keep you on target for results.

Envision your business’s transformation and where you could be in 90 days if you take action now.

Work with me

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Beyond Professional Development

Using a bird’s eye view of your business and all bottom lines, your strategy will include a thorough plan to grow all in areas – which includes allowing you time for the things in life that are most important to you and creating a respectable legacy.

Let’s grow your company’s revenue in new, exciting ways while getting rid of distractions that hinder your success…ultimately helping you grow your business to its greatest potential.

Visionaries, I'm your methodological counterpart.

Hey, I’m Alexis, art teacher turned operations strategist. When I started my business, I quickly learned that no organization can continuously grow without proper systems and processes in place.  Disorganization wastes your time, time that you could have spent scaling.

That’s where I come in. I create efficient systems and actionable strategies for business owners to support their operations flow and allow them to get back to being the owner, not the employee of their business.

The Strategic Mapping method provides you with the strategy and action you have been lacking.

There's More...

ClickUp Roadmap

With a project management tool like ClickUp, you can watch your vision come to life and invite your team to support you along the way. By sharing your strategic map with your team, you hold yourself accountable for the journey. Don’t worry if you’ve chosen a different system… we’ll create your plan on a Google Doc so you can continue to be in the driver’s seat and import to a system of your preference.

Writing business plans in notepad

Do you have questions?

I went from the classroom Art teacher to business owner and strategic CEO. I’ve been down the same road you’re on right now. There are a lot of potential roadblocks and pit stops along the way, but with the right roadmap, you’ll be cruising in the right direction. I’ll provide you with the tools you need to conquer your trek.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your journey, confused about how to get where you want to be, or like you’re zigzagging through entrepreneurship, I made this just for you. I know how it feels to not have a clear path and I don’t want you to continue struggling with blurred vision.

Allow me to be a bit blunt. If you’ve made it this far in learning about this offer, you’re probably feeling like you’re missing something in your business. Something isn’t adding up and you’ve been trying to figure out what and how to fix it. With this offer, I can align your action path with your goals and customize it to you. But without all of the pieces, I can’t do what I need to do to get you there. Trust me, you’ll appreciate your investment!

We’ll meet face to face for 2 Zoom calls where I will learn about you and your business, pinpoint why you haven’t met your next goals yet, and determine how we can get you there. Then we will create the map to success and the action steps you’ve been searching for.

My secret (okay, not so secret) tool is ClickUp. If you already have a project management system that works for you, we can complete the roadmap on a Google Doc for you to upload to your preferred software.

One Time Payment of $1500

How much longer will you settle for an upside down map?

You deserve a clear path to success with strategic mapping.