Voxer Support

Sometimes we have questions when we dive into execution mode.  Things may not go as planned and you may need some support along the way.  Connect with me on Voxer and I’m here to answer your questions! 

Get set up on Voxer:
Find me at @mountaincanemedia on Voxer and send me a quick “hello” message.  Here’s the direct link- https://web.voxer.com/u/mountaincanemedia
Don’t have a Voxer account yet? No worries, it’s free!
Download Voxer on the App Store or Play Store and set up your account or check out this link–> https://www.voxer.com/download/
An account can also be created on a computer by going to voxer.com/individuals
Type or talk to connect!  Did you know you can turn off the “Hold and Talk” option so you don’t have to press the button the whole time? When this is turned off, you can tap on the Vox Button once to record and once to stop recording. To turn it off, go to Settings >> Audio >> toggle Hold and Talk off.

Voxer Parameters