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The process of how to start social media marketing can be rough, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s all about building a social media strategy that works, and is easy to follow. You can use a few points to help you plan a social media strategy that fits your business. Many of these will help you maintain your social media accounts while also showcasing your business.

Create a Publishing Calendar

The first part of social media marketing involves planning a schedule for when you are going to publish posts, and on which platforms you are going to publish. The effectiveness of a schedule can be measured by the amount of followers you gain. A suitable schedule is one that is designed around specific posting times. This will allow your followers to know what to expect from your social media sites, and when to expect your content. Your followers will appreciate the consistency you provide.

Here a few tips to help you plan your social media strategy:

  • Post an image that is relevant to your business on your set publish day. Explain what is happening in your image, and how it relates to the work you do.
  • Pose a question to people on a separate publishing day. Make the question relevant to your business, and how your work answers the question. An FAQ series is an excellent option for this.
  • Create a post centered around a new promotion. Highlight the value that this promotion provides, and how it is a great way for your customers to take advantage of your services. Try targeting new customers who have not yet purchased your product or service. 
  • Schedule a set time each week for answering questions from your customer on social media. You can use Twitter to retweet answers to FAQS.

Your calendar should include which days of the week you will post, and which days you will create the content for your posts. Keeping these days separate will help you to make all necessary edits before you post. Posting content that is well written and typo-free will give your brand a clean and polished shine. Keep your calendar consistent but easy to follow. It is easier to stick with your plans if you can set up a routine that flows well.

Tell Good Stories

Storytelling should be part of your social media strategy. The stories you tell will help sell your brand. These stories will also help sell your tangible product.

Storytelling is a crucial part of social media marketing. It is an opportunity to explain how and why you decided to create your product or service. Only you can tell the story about how your product was made possible. Nobody knows your brand like you do. Use this to your advantage.

The stories will help you followers  see what sets your brand, and your product, apart from your competitors. Incorporating storytelling into your social media strategy will provide that special personal touch to your customers. 

Create a Human Approach

The third point for your social media strategy is to create a human approach. Your social media content is an opportunity to show your followers what goes on behind the scene.

Try these social media content tips to humanize your brand:

  • Highlight your employees – show your followers what they do for your company. This is a great way to put a name and face to the people serving your customers.
  • Talk about prior customer experiences. Share details on what you do for them and how you support their needs.
  • Explain some of the processes your business utilizes when working. You can provide insight into aspiring entrepreneurs on what to do when establishing a business.

Mountain Cane Media

Your social media strategy will be easier to support if you know what you’re doing, and plan your work well. This requires knowledge of what to post, when to post, and where to post it. At Mountain Cane Media, we specialize in just that. We build exposure for your brand by giving voice to your story, and providing your customers with that personal touch. Contact us today to get started. 

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