3 Content Marketing Strategies That Drive Business

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Content marketing can be a challenge. It requires you to create and publish unique content for a specific audience. You have to plan a content marketing strategy that fits your business. In this article we will highlight a few key content marketing strategies that are proven to drive business.

Find the Right Curating Mix

These days, the biggest driver of content marketing results is a constant stream of content. This makes sense since every post is an opportunity to grow, and engage with your audience. The only problem is that content costs money. Whether it is an in-house social media manager, or outsourced content through freelancers, or a digital marketing firm.Since content bills can start to pile up, it is best to have a set curation mix. This means deciding how much content you will create organically, and how much content from others you will repost. The ratio will likely come down to your content budget.

It is a good idea to keep the majority of your posts created organically – meaning you, your team, or an outsourced party created the content specifically for your business. Curating content can open the door for potential partnerships with other brands. You can agree to share their content, in exchange for a mention in the post. This allows for exposure for both brands, and helps to keep your content budget in check. It is also helpful to define how far you will stray from your direct product market when it comes to sharing content created by others. Some companies choose to go broad in order to amplify their content count as much as possible. Other companies choose to stay relatively narrow, sharing posts that only relate closely to their product market. The right mix is ultimately up to you.

Repurposing Content

Another solid content marketing trick is to repurpose your content by publishing it in new formats. Online marketing can entail highlighting your content in a wide array of forms. You can repurpose your old data and produce it in new formats including a vlog, a guide, an infographic, an interview, or more extensive case studies.

The content needs to be relevant and evergreen enough that you can share it well into the future. Avoid repurposing the same content too many times. Using the same content repeatedly can signal to your followers that you aren’t creating new content.

Targeting the Best Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know what works. Content marketing can work on many social media platforms, but choosing the right one is essential to your success.

Each social media platform features different advantages. LinkedIn is useful when targeting small businesses or older professionals, whereas Twitter works if you want people to discuss your content. Consider using Reddit for business-to-consumer interactions. Snapchat provides a personal approach to communication, and is a great tool to reach younger generations. Of course Facebook is perhaps the most trusted and proven platform. It focuses on building brand loyalty, and allows businesses to easily reach their customers.

Mountain Cane Media

Whatever your content marketing needs may be – Mountain Cane Media is here to help. We will work with you to create the right content marketing plan for your business. Our team of content professionals will create organic content that highlights and increases exposure for your brand. Let us create the content that drives your business.

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