Why You Need a DOO for Marketing Logistics

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The essence of marketing is visibility. That is to say, successfully marketing your company means increasing your visibility to your target market. This is not an easy, simple, or quick task. It requires answering questions with absolute clarity about your company, your product or service, and your target market. 

Before you can successfully launch your marketing campaign, you need to fully understand and be able to clearly define your customer acquisition process. You need to clearly define your target market, specifying it down as much as possible.

Does your marketing department consist of just you? Are you too busy running your day-to-day operations to worry about social media, email marketing, or SEO strategy? Are you hitting a wall trying to clearly define your target market, or how to market to them? These are all signs that you need to hire a Director of Operations (DOO) for your marketing logistics.

Implementing Strategy 

When you make the decision to hire a marketing DOO, you are investing in the future of your company. Your first return on investment is the design and implementation of an actionable, go to market strategy. To accomplish this, your marketing DOO will begin by helping you clearly define your target audience. This definition will require research into who is using your product or service, how and when they use them, and the benefit they receive. This research will be the framework for your strategic mapping model within the visibility pillar. This model will be the basis for your marketing strategy.

Your marketing DOO will work with you to devise a content marketing strategy. This will include social media marketing, email marketing, and blog and web content marketing that is geared toward driving traffic to your website.

Aligning Your Mission with Your Marketing

A key part of your marketing strategy is aligning your mission with your messaging. Your mission statement is what your company is about. It’s the guiding standard for why you do what you do, and how you do it. Your mission statement is your altruistic value to your industry. It’s what sets you apart from your competition. It’s critical that your marketing strategy communicates your mission statement to your prospective customers.

Tracking Results

Implementing high-level marketing strategy is what a marketing DOO does best, but this is only the first half.  Measuring the effectiveness of your messaging, evaluating and breaking down your marketing metrics is how you know that your marketing strategy is working. This is your second return on investment from your marketing DOO. 

A skilled marker is only as good as their results. Your marketing DOO will help you understand the metrics that track your marketing success. This includes a breakdown of web traffic. What is your bounce rate? How many visitors are clicking through your web pages. Your SEO needs to be tracked. Where do you stand in search engine results?  Where do your competitors rank vs where you rank? What is the level of engagement from your audience on social media? What is the open rate of your marketing emails? How many times are your links being clicked?

Of course, the ultimate measure of your marketing success is how many new customers you are onboarding. The right marketing strategy, clearly communicating your mission statement, to the right target market, will result in increased revenue. A marketing DOO is just the person to get that done for you.

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