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Is your business growing? Do you find yourself struggling to manage everything, even with the help of a couple virtual assistants? You may need to hire a Director of Operations, or an Online Business Manager (OBM), or both.

These two third party positions are essential to helping online businesses grow and thrive. Growth is almost always a positive, but the added workload without the team to support it can cause a negative impact. It can stress you out as a business owner. Being stressed out can lead to subpar work. 

If your business is growing to or beyond the six figure range, then it’s time to bring in the management calvary. Hiring a DOO or OBM can save you from being crushed by the burden of handling operations, team management, and client workload. While these two positions are commonly thought of as interchangeable, there are in fact several key differences between them.

Experience and Education 

The first key difference between a DOO and an OBM is the level of experience and education. An OBM can gain hands on experience through management positions with increasing responsibility. They may or may not have an OBM certification.

Typically, a DOO has more extensive hands on experience than an OBM. They might also hold a certification from a Director of Operations program. Most DOO certification programs require a minimum of two years of direct experience to even apply. The increased experience and education level earned your DOO their partnership level management position.

Executive Partner vs Online Manager

The second key difference between a DOO and an OBM is the level of management. A DOO is an executive partner that matches the authority of a business owner. They help you strategically grow and manage your business.

An OBM carries out the implementation process of the growth strategy devised by you and your DOO. They manage your team and the day to day operations of your business. They take and implement orders from you and your DOO. In most companies that have both a DOO and an OBM, the OBM will have limited contact with the business owner. They will communicate with the DOO instead.

Leadership Responsibility

Stemming from the second key difference, is the difference of leadership responsibility of a DOO and an OBM. A DOO can be entrusted with your business. They have the direct and applicable experience, as well as the education, to manage all aspects of your business. This allows you to step away or take a break as needed. Hiring a DOO to run your business can free up your time to pursue other passions, interests, or even start a new business. 

An OBM will not run your business. They will run your day to day operations and your team. They may hire, fire, and promote as needed. But they are not at the same executive level of management as a DOO.

You know your business is a good place in your intentional growth strategy when you are able to bring on both a DOO and an OBM to manage your business. Hiring both of these individuals will help your business continue to grow and thrive.

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