Can You Take a Vacation? The True Test of Business Efficiency

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Are you running your business, or is your business running you? This may sound like a humorous and ironic question, but take just a moment to reflect on what it is asking and you will see that it is very pertinent, both to your personal health and the health of your business. 

Being self-employed is a wonderful adventure. It brings a truly uncapped potential for income and work-life fulfillment. But increased income comes with an increased workload, and not all of it is productive or worth your time. Hiring a talented Director of Operations (DOO) is a great way to make sure your time is spent on only the important tasks that require your attention. A DOO frees you from the time costly day-to-day operations of personnel, client, and project management. This allows you to spend time forging and executing your business strategy.

On the fence of whether or not you need to hire a DOO? Put your business efficiency to the ultimate test – can you take a true vacation? Not a couple days off from task completion while still checking your email constantly. We’re talking about a true, relaxing, unplugged vacation. If you don’t think you can take such a necessary breather, then you likely need some outside help. You need to hire a DOO. Here are a few ways that hiring the right DOO can save you both time and money, and allow you to step out for a few days of necessary work-free relaxation.

Personnel Management

Personnel management is the one the base components of your business operations triangle. Most online businesses are made up of a remote-based team. Remote-based employees have proven to be both cheaper and more effective than their traditional counterparts. It is imperative that your remote team has a go-to person for all questions regarding their work. From specific project and client requirements, to billing questions.

Your DOO will serve as your remote team’s go-to guide for all work related questions. This frees you from the never-ending activity of checking and responding to emails and slack messages. This freedom will let you take a true vacation without wondering if your team is set up for success. 

Client Management 

Client management is the other anchor to your business operations triangle. Similar to your team, your clients need to be taken care of with their own go-to guide for their needs. Your clients require and deserve prompt and informative attention, be it for simple project updates, or for billing questions.

Your DOO will serve as your client’s point of contact for your business, so you can kick your feet up on a beach chair, ski lift, or on your couch without having to worry about your client’s needs being met.

Project Management

Project management is the top of your business operations triangle. Proper project management stems from taking care of your personnel and clients. When your clients and personnel are taken care of, your work will flow smoothly. When work is flowing smoothly and efficiently, your completed projects will return the energy in revenue in your business account.

When you partner with the right DOO, they will make sure your projects are taken care of from start to finish. So take a deep breath and relax. Your operations are covered.

Need a Vacation?

You look like you need a vacation. Working with the right DOO can help you get some much deserved relaxation. Mountain Cane Media is that right DOO. Get in touch with us today and get started on planning your next vacation!

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