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Are you an Online Business Owner or Course Creator struggling to streamline and optimize your tech infrastructure for success?

Are you tired of unpredictable tech tasks and costs? Streamline your tech needs, dodge erratic expenses, and avoid the endless search for reliable help.

Save time, focus on growth.

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Breaking Free

From Tech Troubles

Do you constantly feel weighed down by time-consuming tech troubleshooting? Slow responses, drawn-out discussions, and waiting endlessly for quotes can drain your energy and divert your attention from your core business operations. To make matters worse, inconsistent service quality adds yet another layer of uncertainty. 

It’s difficult to navigate the frustration of varying levels of tech service and expertise, never knowing what quality of assistance to expect. And with the fear of long-term commitments and costly retainers, hesitation to invest in tech solutions becomes understandable.

Tech Service Credits

Your On Demand Solution

Our Tech Service Credit system offers you tailored support, right when you need it. No more drawn-out quotes or waiting periods. Simply redeem credits for the tech tasks you encounter. Get the assurance of expert support without the hassle of long-term commitments.

It’s flexible, it’s efficient, it’s designed for you.
Our efficient online business operations platform is designed to help Online Business Owners and Course Creators leverage technology for growth, streamline and automate processes, and have a functional and converting digital platform.

With a focus on minimizing tech distractions and optimizing core business strengths, you can ensure consistent professionalism across touchpoints, reduce unexpected tech-related costs, and achieve peace of mind with reliable tech support.

Say hello to operational efficiency and online success as you Get Your Tech List Done.
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This is for you:

Tech Service Credits

How It Works

Think of our tech service credits as your personal tech currency, ready to be deployed whenever a tech challenge arises. We track and update your credit usage in your portal, sending real-time notifications with every spend.

Buy The Credits

Begin by purchasing a batch of credits. Each credit represents a specific amount of tech work or expertise. As your tech needs evolve, simply use your credits to get tasks accomplished.

Fill Out The Form

Fill out our form with your request details and credentials for your platform access.  Describe your needs and challenges and we will get started with solutions. 

We Get To Work

Your credits provide on-demand access to our team’s expertise without the need for quotes or prolonged waits. It’s a transparent, efficient, and flexible system tailored for your dynamic online business needs.

$ 500
  • 8 Credits
$ 750
  • 12 Credits
$ 1000
  • 16 Credits

Credit Purchases

Below is a list of potential tech tasks for which you may utilize your credits. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list; our capabilities extend beyond these items.

Your Questions Answered

If you have your copy ready to go, we can complete the site within 3-5 business days.  However, most sites take 30-60 days for completion.

If you have purchased a site build from us and want to DIY your website copy, we will install your template on your domain and hosting and give you 30 days to submit the copy to us. If copy is not received in that time frame, we will close your project.  To reopen and submit your copy, we will require a $99 fee to re-enter your project.

Elementor is easy to use, even for the non designer!  With over 3 million active installs, this page builder is responsive to devices and has endless opportunities for design.

Please submit photos that you would like to use to embody your brand.  We have a commercial license for stock photos that can extend to you for your website build, but we require you to source them.

Your Website Build & Maintenance Includes:

  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • FAQs
  • Services
  • Blog
  • Contact Us
  • Social Media Integration


Additional Purchases you will need to get your website online:

  • Your Domain and Hosting Plan

Yes, and we are here to support you in doing so.

However, we will not allow you to edit the site until it is Live and has been Launched!

We can point you to resources that offer over 300 Top-Level Domains, or domain name extensions, for you to choose from.

Please note, domains are highly competitive and your first choices may not be available.  Please consider and rank several options when choosing your domain.

Submit your $100 setup and activation fee as a deposit to get started and our team will contact you with next steps.  Should you decide not to move forward with the contract, the $100 setup/activation will be refunded to you.

Hosting & Maintenance Package

Hosting is required to get your website online.  We have vetted resources to help you secure affordable hosting easily and securely.

If you are on a payment plan with us, we require you purchase one of our monthly maintenance packages to prevent your website from being hacked. Not updating plugins, or operational software snippets within your site is the number one vulnerability for hacking. 

We offer tiered maintenance options to fit your maintenance needs and your budget.

My business needed a website. To make it happen, I needed a guide. Alex, was my guide. Creating a site that communicates the “Why” of your business can be a monumental task unless you’re working with someone who has done it before.

Alex helped me navigate the twists and turns of a digital world I knew nothing about and provided solutions and strategies to help me craft the best image and message for my business. In other words, she held my hand throughout the process. What started as a blank piece of paper is now a fully functional website that addresses the aims and purposes I set out to accomplish.

Alex went over and above for me and provided much more in value than the cost of her services. I would recommend Alex without hesitation and look forward to working with her on future projects.
Rob Walker
Custom Clothier
Working with Alexis has been an incredibly satisfying experience. Alexis is dedicated to her craft, and devoted to learning new skills that will offer her clients the best service. As a digital marketer myself, I highly recommend Mountain Cane Media for website design and development, branding or social media management.
Melanie Diehl
Melanie & Co
Mountain Cane Media provided excellent service when building one of my client's website. Alexis was extremely responsive and took care of each and every detail. The result was a beautiful and responsive website that wowed us!
Tereza Toledo
Tereza Toledo Social
Mountain Cane Media’s expertise in WordPress and wed design has benefitted my business in numerous ways. Thanks to their guidance, I have a well-designed and functional website. MtCM showed me how to view my statistics so I know what my most popular pages are. I used this info to make decisions about what services to promote which increased my revenue. MtCM has given me expert design advice which has helped me create sales pages that convert at over 50%.
Meagan Beltekoğlu
Operations Expert and ClickUp Consultant